Investing in real estate: the pros and cons

Investing in real estate: the pros and cons


 One of the best ways to preserve free financial flows is their investment in real estate. In the long run, such properties provide for a substantial minimization of the loss of invested funds. But only if this is not a typical apartment building, where price fluctuations are especially noticeable.

Much more convenient and reliable is the choice made in favor of elite suburban real estate. Moreover, today you can buy a finished house from a bar with a plot on favorable terms, in one of the districts of the Leningrad region, which has not yet managed to attract the attention of builders of mass housing. Features and benefits of investment

When planning to start an investment project, it is worth considering that ups and downs occur even in a fairly stable real estate market. It is not enough to buy a finished house with a plot – you also need
take care that it does not become an unprofitable object on your personal balance. Among the advantages of such investments are: Long-term. You can make a purchase once and dispose of it at your discretion. In this case, a significant reduction in the cost of assets still will not happen. Low level of financial risks. It is possible with almost 100% certainty to eliminate the loss of assets. In case of fire, flood or theft there is insurance. Existing growth prospects. The more correctly an item is selected for purchase, the higher the likelihood that it will grow in value over time. The possibility of obtaining additional income. When deciding to buy a ready-made house with a turnkey plot in the KP Sukhodolskoye, you can turn it into a rental object – the Priozersk District attracts lovers of hunting, fishing, and water recreation. Cons investment in suburban real estate

The decision to buy a finished new home with a plot should be made taking into account
possible investment risks. If an object is acquired for the future and is not planned to live in it, instead of an asset, it can turn into an item of expenditure. To avoid this, it is necessary from the very beginning to calculate the possible expenses for the maintenance of suburban housing.

Another risk factor is the instability of the situation in real estate markets. When this area of ​​investment begins to fever, it is no longer necessary to talk about stability. But it’s still possible to have such a backup option for a rainy day. However, it is definitely not necessary to consider the objects acquired in the mortgage as an investment object. They can not be an asset because they require regular costs and substantial – several times overpayment, which often covers all the advantages.

The main advantages of living in a cottage settlement


 Suburban housing has long become one of the most attractive offers for buying real estate. The opportunity to live away from gassed, smog-soaked cities is appreciated by both young parents and people who managed to reach the top in their professional activities. Not to mention the fact that moving out of town, to private cottage villages, guarantees comfort and safety, which the modern environment of the megalopolis simply cannot provide. However, not only these factors determine the choice of buyers. After all, living in a country property has a lot of significant advantages. What are the main advantages of life in a cottage village?

Modern and comfortable cottages in the cottage settlements of the Leningrad region are able to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers. Luxury individual accommodation allows you to: Save
complete privacy. For those who are concerned about the problems of preserving their own private life, moving to an individual house, located in a fenced, protected area, can be a really right decision. To guarantee the absence of “surprises” in the form of an industrial facility built under the windows of a noisy restaurant or a parking lot. Plans for the development and development of the territory in this case are provided to buyers, among other documents. And you can not worry that one day the recreation area will turn into a noisy construction site. Ability to choose housing to your liking. Of course, not all cottage villages in the Leningrad region are pleased with the design diversity. But KP “Sukhodolskoe” is pleasantly different from them and offers more than two dozen original design solutions made within the framework of a single design concept. Well-maintained surrounding space. Availability of equipped sports grounds, own
cafe, children’s and walking areas, protected from the penetration of outsiders, is the best choice for those who want to be confident in their own safety. The presence of all modern communications: Internet networks, telephony, autonomous sewage, water supply, electricity, heat, without restrictions for their supply. Full independence from the seasonal disconnection of network communications makes it possible to enjoy a comfortable life all year round.

Do you want to enjoy comfort now? “Sukhodolskoe” – a new cottage village, the prices of houses in which look very attractive, ready to provide its residents with all the conditions for creating home comfort. It is enough to choose a house to buy and arrange the transaction on favorable terms.

Where is safer to live: in a cottage or in an apartment?


 Everybody thinks about the safety of life today: both convinced urbanists and fans of solitude in nature. Indeed, the city in the winter season no longer seems like a safe place to rest and work. The statistics are sad: residents of both the old stock and the new buildings continue to suffer from the fall of uncleared snow and ice from the roofs. Cleaning the road network also leaves much to be desired. It is better not to look at the trauma points statistics at all – in St. Petersburg, the situation with ice falls is getting worse from year to year, and both older people and young, active and successful citizens suffer from it.


It would seem that what can be done with public utilities so that they start working? In fact, everything is simple: find the right contractor and move out of town. In Sukhodolsky, public service issues were solved from the very beginning by their own team of professionals. As a result, in the winter here:
streets and roads are always cleaned, even if the snow fell all night; slippery and potentially dangerous areas sprinkled with special mixtures; the roofs of the buildings are initially designed and arranged so that their maintenance does not take much time; all access roads are available for use – no need, risking life, tack on the car between the houses.

 Other benefits of living in a cottage

Both in winter and in summer, the issue of security remains a rather acute topic. Even the presence of a concierge or surveillance camera at the entrance does not reduce the crime rate. How many parents are ready to let go even a schoolboy to walk on their own? But recently, children safely felt on the street. However, all this is still relevant only for the city.

In the guarded perimeter of the cottage village, you can safely go jogging in the morning to a fragile girl or let the kids frolic with your friends on the hill. Sukhodolskoe designed with
taking into account the most modern security measures. Footpaths are separated from the roadway, many places for walking and recreation. And most importantly – all this 24 hours a day is under the supervision of professionals. Which, in contrast to the concierge, watching series, are serious about their duties.

Comfort for life is when dangers do not have to be remembered at all. Unfortunately, the city with its stress, poor-quality work of public utilities, marginal personalities in the entrances and playgrounds can hardly be called a safe environment. So, choosing between an apartment, even if it is in an elite house, or a country cottage, more and more home buyers are choosing exactly private building that guarantees true peace for all people living in the territory.

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