Why do you need a project at home?


 In the old days for the construction of housing did not need anything but an ax and ingenuity. However, it’s still not worthwhile to focus on lovers of wooden architecture of past centuries. The modern world makes its residents fundamentally different requirements for the creation of housing.

Of course, the development of the project is not mandatory for the construction of IZhS objects with less than three floors. But this does not mean that you can neglect the design, if you want to get a truly habitable object. Moreover, there are various types of drawings, allowing to determine the architecture of the facade or interior design, interior layout and engineering solutions. Why not do without the project?

Any building with a more complex structure than that of a regular barn should be built after creating at least basic drawings. There are quite a few reasons for this: The wrong choice of foundation, without taking into account
loads that he will bear. In this case, the operation of the object will very quickly reveal defects that will make it unfit and even life-threatening; Excess cost of materials. Accurate calculation makes it possible to avoid excessive costs and makes the construction process more rational; Stretched construction time, violation of engineering parameters and technologies, lack of an objective estimate. All this will become an obstacle to cooperation with serious construction organizations; Problems with repairs in the future. This moment is particularly relevant in the event that the object is purchased on the secondary market. Any attempts to redevelop in this case may lead to the creation of dangerous situations or an increase in costs; Ready or individual?

If we are talking about housing in the finished cottage village, here is often purchased land with a contract. To preserve the uniform appearance of the whole complex
buildings or structures are used ready-made design solutions, from which, taking into account the size and configuration of the site, the optimal solution is chosen. But there are other solutions. For example, on a separate site, you can even use your own design solution or a ready-made version from the Internet. In addition, you can resort to the help of engineers who are ready to develop individual drawings for each of the customers.

The most rational decision are the projects offered by cottage villages – they take into account all the necessary conditions for creating a comfortable atmosphere for life. It is important to understand that it is in this case that costs can be minimized and optimal construction or renovation works can be guaranteed in the future.

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